Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maltese puppy birthday

Last weekend I was making desserts for yet another theme birthday. The birthday girl Agata loves puppies and has a maltese puppy herself, so for her birthday, she wished for some maltese themed birthday desserts on her table.
As always, I googled the idea and found many maltese shaped cakes. I actually really dislike the whole cake being cut into a doggy shape, so I decided to put a little edible cake pop maltese on top of the actual, but just as cute girly cake. And hey, I think it turned out really well.

 photo IMG_8009_zps7e50495a.jpg

Since the puppy on the top was supposed to be rather big in size, I decided to use the cake pop technique to make its body. I baked an extra cake layer, mixed it up with a few spoons of frosting, just so much that it sticks the cake crumbs together, but not so much that it turns out too moist.
After shaping the puppy, I covered it with the first layer of  royal icing, and when that dried up, I made its hair with the piping tip for making the grass.

 photo IMG_7989_zpsbb5b2404.jpg
 photo IMG_7991_zps72b57205.jpg
 photo IMG_7994_zps73bc8167.jpg

This puppy took a while to dry up, about 15h, but in this way it turned out much more solid and easier to handle and cross over onto a cake.

I used the grass piping tip for decorating the royal icing cookies and cupcakes too.

 photo IMG_8001mala_zpsa177b447.jpg

 photo IMG_8013_zpse1662fe1.jpg

Cupcakes were decorated with the frosting I usually use for Bijela pita cake, and it can be found amongst my favorite frosting and decoration recipes.

Besides the desserts, I also did some decorations for this birthday.. and I must admit I really started loving the decoration crafts for the theme parties I work on.

 photo IMG_8006_zps55c9c70b.jpg

Must say I am pretty excited to see what the next theme party idea will be like... :)

 photo EF13706560B3FABA35B47C49FEA24F93.png

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